The lifter behind Tor Equipment

Hi, my name is Johannes Wisby Andersen, and I have been competing in equipped powerlifting in the Danish IPF affiliate since 2010. As most lifters, I spent the first years in powerlifting bulking up through the weight classes. Now I have settled into the -93 kg class (although everyone agrees that I should probably be in -120 kg). My best competition results are:

  • Squat: 307,5 kg
  • Bench press: 150 kg
  • Deadlift: 292,5 kg
  • Total: 750 kg

How it all started

As an equipped lifter, I frequently use wooden boards to help break in bench press shirts. In 2016 however, I grew frustrated with the wooden boards in my local gym. Their velcro mechanism was initially clever, but the velcro was wobbly and got worn out. I thought it must be possible to make a better solution that was modular, stable and would not wear out; so I set off prototyping different solutions. Half a year and several prototypes later, Tor Equipment’s first product was born, the Tor Bench Boards.

From powerlifters to powerlifters

Products from Tor Equipment are literally from powerlifters to powerlifters. Inspiration for the products comes during my workouts and discussions with fellow powerlifters, in a basement gym in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am dedicated to making quality equipment, as I only make equipment that I will be using myself.

What does Tor mean?

Many have asked me what Tor means. I wish I could tell there was a deeper meaning to it, but it is simply an old Danish way of spelling the name of the thunder god ”Thor”.